Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Investment In Smart City - Gujarat - Dholera Sir

Dholera SIR – The most promising location for Investment in Gujarat

Dholera SIR is becoming the most promising location in Gujarat as of now even for multinational companies and foreign investors. If you look at the reports of Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015, there has been lot of MOU’s signed by Indian Companies as well as MNC’s for putting up their setup at Dholera. Looking at the development perspective Central and State Government are also putting their energy and money for faster development of DMIC, Metro Rail, International Airport, 6 Lane Expressways and much more.

“Make in India” campaign launched by Honorable Prime Minister of India supports the development of Industrial Corridors in India which will increase manufacturing capacity of our country and generate sufficient amount of employment for the youth.

Current scenario of Dholera SIR indicates that its development is now going to be on fast track. If we see the last year and current year development many new projects and plans have been given green signal. For example Airport Site is been given clearance and area for the same is also decided, Work of 6 lane expressway has been started and Gujarat Govt. has opened up a local office on 17th Feb 2015 at Dholera SIR to boost the development.

Recently the Gujarat government has already floated RFQ’s for about Rs 2,000 Crore of infrastructure works that it plans to undertake in the 22.5 square kilometer of “activation area” within the Dholera SIR that has been created to act as a catalyst for further investments from local and global players. Various infrastructure projects that will be developed in this “activation area” include 72 kilometers of roads and utility services, potable water supply, desalination plant, waste water treatment plant, 430 MW of power infrastructure, 500 kilometers of conduits for creating an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) network and 14,000 square metres of built-up area that will form the administrative and business centre for Dholera in Phase-I. Gujarat Government has also approved 6 town planning schemes till date.